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Policies & Procedures

Admission Procedures

Our application process begins online.  An interview and entrance test are required of all prospective students.  

Siblings of students currently enrolled at EA who pass the entrance exam have priority of an enrollment space until the first day of April preceding the August start date.  New students will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis after April 1.

The Education Committee reviews all applications.  The following are guidelines used by the Education Committee in reviewing all applicants:

  1. Academic ability of the student - Candidates are considered on the basis of their relative academic promise as determined by an entrance exam or existing test records.  Students enrolled in kindergarten will be administered a test designed to gauge their readiness for success in our program.  The testing is done individually with the teacher, the headmaster, or the guidance counselor.  The following applies to all other students.  To be accepted, a student must:
    • Have passed all classes on the last report card for grades 1 - 9 or have at least a 2.5 GPA pn a 4 point scale on his/her cumulative transcript for grades 10 - 12 (excluding PE and competitive athletics.) A student with a GPA of 2.0 or higher may be considered on a probationary basis.  If accepted under these conditions, the students must maintain a 2.0 GPA for the first year of enrollment at EA.
    • The previous year's SAT scores are to be on or above that year's grade level.
    • The EA admission test will be administered by a member of the administrative staff.  The student must score at or above grade level on the EA admission test.
    • If the score is at the satisfactory grade level, a specific EA admission test will be administered.  The EA test is based on validated, standardized tests and reviewed by the guidance counselor and teacher representative(s) to ensure it is current.  Testing for admission may begin in March of the previous school year.
    • When a student transfers, EA will grant the credits earned based on the previous school's grading scale.  Example: if a 91 was a B, earning 3 points at the previous school, it will be credited at a B. 
  2. Previous record of the applicant in terms of character, discipline, attendance, and tardiness.
  3. First preference is given to applicants whose family has had previous positive association with the school.
  4. Transferring from a non-traditional setting:  Transfer students from non-traditional schools, from PACE programs, non-accredited schools, and/or home schooling must provide notarized statements of grade level(s) for all elementary and secondary courses/subjects passed at these settings.  Students from these programs may be accepted at EA on a probationary status.  At the end of the semester, the school determines if the student is able to function in the courses or grade to which he/she has been assigned.  If the students is unable to function at their current grade level, the necessary change(s) will be made at that time.
  5. Students entering kindergarten should be 5 years of age by September 1st of the concurrent school year.  Students entering the first grade should be 6 years of age by September 1st of the concurrent school year.
  6. Students from a foreign country may be accepted on a temporary basis.  The foreign student must live with a family currently enrolled at EA.  Foreign students are exempt from tuition costs, but not from fees.  EA has the right to limit foreign student enrollment to two (2) students per year.  EA limits the foreign student to one year tuition exempt enrollment.
  7. After the student has been accepted for admission, both the student and parents/guardians must sign the Code of Conduct and Expectations consent form.  The form is required to be in the student's file for school attendance in grades 6 - 12.
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