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Mission & Beliefs

Edgewood Mission

Edgewood Academy provides students with a comprehensive college preparatory education in a safe and supportive environment; preparing students for a future of lifelong leanding and productive citizenship.


Edgewood Vision Statement

Edgewood Academy will be regarded as the school of choice in the River Region, continuing a tradition of educating successful students for over 50 years.



  1. Edgewood is a safe and physically comfortable environment for students that promotes student learning.
  2. Continuous improvements is necessary in order to prepare students to becoem lifelong learners.
  3. Each student is a valued individual.
  4. Student sefl-esteem is enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students and staff.


Religious Affiliation

Edgewood Academy affirms the values and beliefs of the Christian faith and allows for the public practice and display of all Christian denominations.  However, EA is not affiliated with any particular denomination.