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Dual Enrollment

Edgewood / Troy Dual Enrollment

A wide range of dual enrollment classes are available at Edgewood Academy through Troy University’s ACCELERATE program. The following criteria apply to dual enrollment through Edgewood / ACCELERATE:

  • Open to all juniors and seniors.
  • Current GPA of 3.0
  • 20 ACT score, 1030 SAT, OR a Letter of Recommendation from your School Official. See the Edgewood Office to apply for a Letter of Recommendation.

Students who meet the admission requirements above should submit an online application at Once accepted, students should review and complete the following items (see right sidebar).

  • ACCELERATE Approval Contract
  • Course Library
  • Registration Request Form. 

All classes are online in 9-week terms, allowing students to work at their own pace. Edgewood students on the Advanced Diploma track must complete eight dual enrollment courses, four of which must be in a core class. Electives must be approved by Edgewood administration to count toward Advanced Diploma. Please note that you will remain in communication with peers and instructors as needed throughout the Term. English and Math courses require a placement exam or baseline ACT score (Click here for details). All others can be taken without an ACT or SAT score on file.

Currently, the cost is $169 per credit hour, which makes a traditional 3 hour course equal $507. Also note that you may also be responsible for the cost of the books or additional course materials. There is no financial aid available as this is a non-degree seeking program and you are already given a 50% discount on tuition.

If you have any questions, your Edgewood contact is Ms. Susan Barner  and your Troy contact is Ms. Korrie Lynn Williamson. Click either name to send an email.