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Preschool Program

Preschool K3 / K4

The EA Pre-K program prepares students for success in Edgewood K5. With a focus on phonics instruction and lots of fun, our goal is that each child starts learning to love learning as early as possible, and our ABeka curriculum also ensures that young minds get spiritual guidance that leads them to the development of Christian character.

As a Pre-K program offering religious instruction, we are exempt from licensure by Alabama DHR. We do maintain medical and immunization records on faculty and students, and regular facilities inspections by the fire and health department.  Additionally, all faculty undergo a background check prior to hiring and attend the AISA convention for continuing education each year.

Programs available for Half Day and Full Day. Please contact the main office for more details, or click the link in the right sidebar to schedule a tour today!

You can access our handbook by clicking here.

PreSchool Faculty

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    Susan Barner

    Head of School