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Edgewood Opportunity Program

Edgewood Opportunity Program

The Edgewood Academic Opportunity Program provides reduced tuition to students with a track record of academic excellence and demonstrated financial need. Our goal is to create access for any academically-driven student to afford an Edgewood education. 

Students applying to the EOP program for the first time must be new to Edgewood. To qualify, families must demonstrate financial need through the FACTS online tuition assessment program by submitting financial and tax records. In addition to financial need, students must meet at least one of the following academic criteria:

  • Grades 9-12, any of the following:
    • GPA of 3.75 or higher.
    • ACT score of 25 on Math or Composite.
    • PSAT or Stanford Achievement Test score in 80th percentile on  Math or Composite.
  • Grades 1-8, one of the following:
    • PSAT or Stanford Achievement Test score in 80th percentile on  Math or Composite.
    • A/B honor roll the previous year with a numeric average of 87 or better.
  • Kindergarten:
    • Complete Edgewood entrance testing successfully.

Please note that once your EOP app is complete, you must also complete the standard Edgewood application. To apply for financial aid, start here at the EOP app and, when it is complete, proceed to the Edgewood app at


Why we offer the EOP Program:

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: The Edgewood Opportunity program clearly demonstrates a commitment to our local community and our willingness partner with anyone who’s willing to work for an Edgewood education. In short, we believe in what we do at Edgewood, we believe it provides immense value to our students, and we want to maximize our ability to impact the students of our community.

INDEPENDENT VERIFICATION: The FACTS tuition assessment system is robust, used in thousands of schools across the country. This means all applicants’ financial information is documented and verified by a neutral third party. It also weeds out applicants who actually could afford  full tuition, but aren’t willing to pay full price.

BUDGET: Our expenses in a classroom are essentially the same, whether there are four empty chairs or eight empty chairs. This program lets us do a good thing for our community while also monetizing those empty chairs, which helps keep everyone’s tuition cost down in the long-term and stabilizes the school's revenue from year-to-year.

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