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  May 2, 2022

Dear E. A. Parents,

            The final nine-week grading period will end soon.  Goals MUST be met on or before May 13.  Please remember that only students who achieve A. R. goals for the final two grading periods will be able to shop at our A. R. store at the end of the school year.  The A. R. Store will be held on May 16 and 17.   May 13 is also the final day for students to earn a Desk Pet.  Children will be able to take their Desk Pet home at the end of the school year.  Please continue to encourage your children to read at least thirty minutes each day.

            We will have a reading program for elementary students this summer.  The library will be open for a limited time each week.  Students may select book to read and take A. R.  tests during this time.  Points earned by students will be added to A. R. goals for the first grading period during to 2022-2023 school year.  More information will be sent home before the end of the school year.

            We are continuing to collet Box Tops for Education.  Please continue to scan your grocery receipts to accumulate points for our library.  If you, your family, or friends have not registered please visit,  Select “Edgewood Academy” as the school to receive the points.  The money collected from the Box Tops program is used for library activities. 


Thank you,
Shawn Fischer

                                                                                                         Summer Reading Program


       Edgewood Academy will offer a reading program for students during the summer.  The reading program will begin on May 31 and end July 21.  The library will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  A story and activity will be shared with students on Thursday at 1:00. Our students will have an opportunity to check out up to two books at a time.  Children currently participating in our A. R. program may test on books and earn A.R. points.  The points earned during the summer will be added to their A.R. goal for the first grading period during the 2022-2023 school year.

          Upon completion of the program, participating E. A. students will be invited to a party and receive a certificate of participation.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Edgewood Academy Library.


Thank you,
Shawn Fischer


     Thank you all for your overwhelming response to our Box Tops for Education fundraiser!  As you continue to scan receipts and accumulate virtual Box Tops, please know that your support is greatly appreciated by the library and students.   Remember to add your child’s name during the receipt scanning process.  This will ensure credit will be given the correct class.  Box tops that have “NO MORE CLIPPING” at the top are not able to be redeemed.  This indicates that the credit will be given when the sales receipt is submitted. One prize will be awarded to the class that collects the most box tops, and the other prize will be awarded to the class that has the most individuals enroll online in the BTFE. Please continue to scan your receipts even after the October 28th deadline for the competition.     


Thank you,
Shawn Fischer
Edgewood Academy, Librarian


Traditional Box Tops clips are being phased out of production, but may continue to be found on many products throughout the store. You can still clip them and send them to school. 
Every valid Box Tops clip is worth 10¢ for your school. Make sure each one has a clearly visible product acronym and expiration date.


Eventually the Box Tops program will become digital-only. Participating brands are starting to change their pacing from a traditional Box Tops clip to the new Box Tops label.   If you see this label, use the new Box Tops app to scan your receipt. Box Tops are still worth 10¢ for your school. The app will find participating products purchased at any store and instantly add cash to your school’s earnings online.

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