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Dear Edgewood Parents,

Thank you to everyone who participated in our school Book Fair.  Thanks to your continued support we were able to earn $118.00 worth of books for our library! 

Please continue to collect Box Tops for Education.  Remember, you can also continue to scan your shopping receipts, and we will continue to accumulate points for Edgewood Academy.

Edgewood will host our annual A. R. Store during the week of December 14th.  Students that accomplish their A. R. goal for both the first and second nine-week grading periods will be able to shop.  Please encourage your child to achieve his or her goal and to continue to read daily!

New A. R. goals will be set for the third grading period.  Students will be retested prior to the goals being set.  An evaluation of the test results will be sent to you.


Thank You,
Shawn Fischer 
Edgewood Academy Librarian
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