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Why Edgewood?

Why Edgewood?

Since 1967, Edgewood Academy has committed to changing the lives of our students and community through quality education and intentional character development.  We are proud of our tradition of college-preparatory education, with over ninety percent of graduates going on to higher education. Our primary goal, no matter what a student's life path may be, is that every person who walks our hallways learns to love learning.

Our ACT results speak for themselves:

Each student at Edgewood is a unique individual with different physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.  Teachers at Edgewood Academy strive to recognize the different learning styles of all students and meet each student where they are.  Administrators, teachers, parents, and students at Edgewood Academy share the responsibility of providing a safe and welcoming environment that promotes learning, invites inquiry, and celebrates curiosity about the world.  

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